Friday 27th May, 2016

6.30 am Snorkel your way to fitness

A great opportunity to sample snorkelling and get fit without stressing joints. Are you looking for ways to stay in shape that do not feel like exercise?

Would it surprise you to learn that you can burn about 300 calories in a 45 minutes snorkelling session? This is same as you would burn in an 80 minute Volleyball game or by completing 90 jumping squats!! In addition snorkelling has a number of health benefits. Whilst snorkelling you are getting a cardio workout and muscle strengthening at the same time. Being supported by water it is great for people who are limited in mobility or suffer from joint pain and who can struggle to find other types of exercise.

Harbour Crab

Even better when you are snorkelling you can study the marine environment around you and get to know the local life off our shores. When you are enjoying what you are doing you will not realise you are calorie burning.

This early morning session is led by a qualified snorkelling Instructor from Selsey’s Mulberry Divers and is designed to show you how to utilise snorkelling for fitness. You will learn techniques like how to improve your finning and boost the cardio work out of your sessions as you build in confidence. We will also spend some time watching the marine life – it would be silly not to.



The session is suitable for all levels and children are very welcome – we just ask that if under the age of 12 they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Each participant will need to complete a form that includes a short medical questionnaire – click here to request a copy.

You will need some equipment to take part – we recommend a 5mm wet suit, boots, fins, mask and snorkel for you to enjoy the snorkelling in comfort. If you do not have your own it can be hired from Mulberry Divers just contact them to discuss your needs and a fitting.

Only £2 per person, book here

Meet at East Beach Car Park. East Beach Rd, Selsey (postcode PO20 0SZ)

10.30am Exploring the inner Mulberry

A vital part of the Allied landings in WWII and one of the greatest engineering feats, some of the Mulberry harbours were stored around Selsey and Pagham and towed to France. Not all of them made it and one was left behind.

mulberry harbour - gold beach

We are pleased to offer a guided snorkel tour of the Inner Mulberry led by Mulberry Divers, using a boat to gain access we will enjoy exploring this historic wreck. Experience in snorkeling is required. Full-length wet suit, mask, snorkel and fins are essential. Equipment can be hired but must be booked in advance.A medical questionnaire must be completed – click here to request a copy.

Restricted to 8 places so please book early

£12 per person to cover boat transport, book here

Meet at East Beach Car Park. East Beach Rd, Selsey (postcode PO20 0SZ) 

2.30 pm Sea, history and Owls about Town, 1 mile

Here at event HQ we adore owls so were delighted when our local company Owls about Town agreed to show us around their grounds which contain the best collection of owls we have ever seen.

IMG_0025 (Medium)The new skirt (Medium)

We start with a short stroll along the sea front noting the blue plaques and end at Owls about Town where we will see some of the world’s spectacular owls and enjoy a sparkling presentation from the owners.

Do you know what the collective name for owls is?

Although nothing is guaranteed, we hope Nigel Farage, Winston Churchill, Maggie Thatcher, Mo Molam, Edwina Curry and the other stars will be around to greet us.

Be prepared to be amazed.

Little owlsNumbers are limited so please book early.

Only £4 per family, book here

Meet at East Beach Car Park, East Beach Rd, Selsey. (postcode PO20 0SZ)


8.30pm Bat hunt, 0.5 mile

A very popular event last year with adults and children. Who knew that we had so many bats in Selsey?

The event will be led by members of Manhood Wildlife & Heritage Group and will finish by 10pm. Find out more about bats, how they live, & why they are a good companion for humans in their habitats.

bat diagram

Only £2 per person, book here

Meet at East Beach Car Park, East Beach Rd, Selsey. (postcode PO20 0SZ)