Your safety is important to us

Although each event has been researched with a view to minimising the risks to participants who follow its route, no event can be considered to be completely free of risk.

Activities in the outdoors will always require a degree of common sense and judgement.  Participants need to be aware that some of the routes will have potential hazards such as uneven ground, rabbit holes or furrows, or other possible trip risks.

When cycling on the road there may be potholes and when off road there may be uneven ground and slippery conditions.


Each individual is responsible for their own safety as well as that of others in the group and must not act in ways that present risk or discomfort for themselves and others. Participants’ responsibilities include:

  • Ensure you are fit enough to take part before joining the event;
  • Be aware of changes in the weather and check the forecast before setting out;
  • Ensure you have suitable clothing and footwear for the weather conditions & terrain;
  • Carry water;
  • Ensure bikes are road worthy. Repair facilities are not provided;
  • Cyclists will not be allowed to ride if they are not wearing a helmet.

Outdoor activities can be demanding. If there are any doubts about fitness and capability the participant should consult a doctor and if they have a medical condition ensure someone within the group knows about it in advance.

If you intend to leave the walk before the end, please make sure you inform the leader.jul09

Cyclists must wear an approved cycle helmet and suitable clothing. Bikes should be well maintained and road safe. The event organisers do not provide a repair service and riders should take puncture repair equipment with them. It is advisable to take along water some food and a mobile telephone to arrange transport back.

No experience is required for the snorkelling apart from one event, which is clearly stated on the webpage, but you must make the organisers aware of your experience and will be required to complete some paperwork. Full-length wet suit, mask, snorkel & fins are essential and must be used for the diving events.  Equipment can be hired but must be booked in advance.

For all events, you will be asked to complete a form to accept that you are aware of safety considerations and an additional form for the snorkelling events.


During the Festival, as part of the event we will be taking photographs of participants and the events and we may later use these photographs on Facebook, the website and future publicity. You are more than welcome to tag yourself in these photos so your friends can see what you’ve been doing!